Mobility scooters are an incredible boon to those with disabilities. They are a reliable piece of equipment no matter the time of year. However, when the winter months come around a scooter may need a little extra care to keep it running smoothly in the bad weather. The following tips should help you maintain your independence during the cooler, wetter months…

Charge your scooter frequently1

The cold weather can weaken your scooter’s battery, so bear in mind that it’ll need to be charged more frequently than in the summer. If you’re planning a long trip, charge your scooter the night before and don’t disconnect it until you’re ready to go. This ensures a warmer battery and a slightly longer charge.

Store your scooter properly

Ideally mobility scooters should be stored in a warm, dry place, but unfortunately not everyone has the space to store a mobility scooter inside their home. On the other hand, leaving it outside leaves the scooter vulnerable to the weather and since they have a variety of electrical components, this can be dangerous.

If you have only outdoor space in which to store a scooter, be sure to cover it up with a good quality waterproof canopy, take a look here.

Check your tyres

No matter the weather, you should be checking your tyres are always correctly inflated and undamaged, but this gets even more important in the winter when damp conditions and slippery leaves can cause problems with grip.

If you ever have any doubts about your tyres, don’t go out on your scooter. Instead get in touch with its manufacturer and arrange for someone to come and inspect it or give us a call on 01572 492696.

Clean your scooter frequently

There’s plenty of slimy, sticky mud about in the winter, and unless you’re incredibly careful some of it is going to get on and in your scooter components. Because of this, it will need a regular clean to prevent the dirt from causing problems. You can either clean it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, but don’t delay in doing it or you could find yourself with a broken scooter further down the line.

Winter-proof yourself as well

It really goes without saying, but don’t forget to wrap up warm when heading out on a long journey. High-visibility clothing is ideal when you’re going out at night or on a particularly dark day – you don’t have to dress yourself in a hi-vis vest if you’d rather not, but brightly coloured clothes or something with reflective stripes are always recommended.

And finally, don’t take unnecessary risks on icy patches or hills – your health and safety is the most important thing to think about.

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