Choosing a wheelchair isn’t always easy, as you need to consider exactly what you’ll use it for and what it can provide. This guide will give you a quick rundown of the best wheelchairs in the UK to help you make your decision.

Active Wheelchairs

Active wheelchairs are wheelchairs that do not require a power source and are self-propelled. Here are some of the best active wheelchairs currently available:

Quickie Neon 2 Folding Wheelchairquickie-neon

The bespoke made Quickie Neon lives up to its name – it moves quick! It also looks extremely sleek and stylish, but that’s not all. The colours of its frame can be easily switched so it matches your outfits or taste, an extremely desirable quality in a wheelchair. It’s rigid and comfortable with swing-away footrests, and it can easily be folded down for transporting in a car or aeroplane.

Kuschall Advance Active Wheelchair & Kuschall Champion Active Wheelchair

kuschall_championThe Kuschall Advance Active wheelchair is adjustable right up to the millimetre, with carbon slats to help with pressure distribution. It’s also customisable, with the ability to switch the colour of the front frames.

The Kuschall Champion has the same options and performance as the advance active model, but with an added benefit. Once folded down, it has a weight of just 6.7kg, one of the smallest transport sizes on the market, making it perfect for the keen traveller!

Otto Bock Ventus Wheelchair

The rigid-frame Otto Bock Ventus is great for those leading an active lifestyle, as it’s designed to take the user through some of the most difficult terrain. It’s easy to transport, easy to adjust, and has 14 switchable frame colours. What’s more, it’s the most inexpensive of the wheelchairs listed here – it’s ideal for young people who are looking for a first mobility solution.

Electric Wheelchairs

On the other hand, electric wheelchairs (also often called power chairs) are chairs with electric motors that are driven via joystick or control panel. When looking for electric wheelchairs in the UK it is advisable to check out The Mobility Scheme first to see if you’re eligible for a lease.

Invacare Action 4 Esprit Power Chair

Electric wheelchairs are not always easy to use when it comes to moving around shops and markets, but the Invacare Action 4 Esprit seeks to change all that. Because its motors are inside the wheels, it is narrow enough to pass by almost any object without getting caught or stuck. Not only that, but it can be easily disassembled without the use of tools, meaning it can be taken long distances when stored in a car boot.

This chair is designed for both adults and children – a “Junior” version is available which can be adjusted with bigger seats to accommodate a child’s growing size.

Rascal Compact 320 Electric Wheelchairrascal-p320-electric-wheelchair

The Rascal Compact 320 is half the size of most power chairs and easy to manoeuvre around even tight spots, as it has a turning circle of only 66cm. It’s the ideal electric wheelchair for those who want to travel without hassle, as it is easy to dismantle and has a quick-release battery pack for trouble-free charging.

Optional extras are available for this chair: padded seat, swinging or elevating leg rests, and dual control. It comes in a stylish, eye-catching blue colour.

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