It’s unfortunately the case that when wheelchairs and mobility products are represented in the media, they don’t always appear as the most stylish or good-looking of objects. But, why can’t mobility aids be functional and fashionable? Luckily, the whole world is starting to wonder the exact same thing, and innovative designers are starting to get to work.

The importance of fashion
It’s easy to dismiss fashion as something frivolous – people dismiss it all the time, in fact. But, fashion is a part of everyone’s life whether they like it or not, and the desire to look good doesn’t go away once a person is in a wheelchair or using a walking stick. Having your mobility aids in your favourite colours, or in styles which match the decor of your house, can be a huge leap forward in reclaiming control and confidence after being incapacitated.

Redecorating your existing equipmentlife-r-quickie
If you own a wheelchair you feel is functional but dull, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from customising it. A combination of primer and your favourite colour in spray paint form can transform your chair into something a lot more unique and individual.

Obviously, the option of painting a wheelchair without help isn’t one that’s open to everybody. As an alternative, you could speak to a wheelchair specialist retailer. At Oakham Mobility, we’re committed to ensuring we can find the right product for you and have a one of the largest selections of wheelchairs in the area.

Purchasing stylish mobility aids
When receiving mobility equipment from hospitals, don’t be afraid to ask if it comes in other colours. Blogger Grace Quantock has detailed her experiences with mobility aids, and usually these experiences end in success. However, if you want something really specialist speak to one of our advisers in store or over the phone on 01572 755204.

We have a wide range of trendy walking sticks and other aids available to purchase through our web shop in floral designs, bright colours and so much more. walkingstick

Recliner chairs are another field where designers are catching on to the fact that people might desire something more stylish than blacks, whites and beiges. We have a wide selection of chairs ready for you to take home today that will suit your current decor, or we can even create made to order items in your favourite style, fabrics and colours.

Looking to the future
People are starting to realise that having a disability shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. In some fields of disability, change is already afoot – for example, The Alternative Limb Project offer prosthetic limbs that are literally pieces of art. What’s more, the development of wheelchairs, walkers and hoists, and refining them for the twenty-first century, making them beautiful to look at is already underway. It may not be too long before mobility equipment is designed to be loud and proud, rather than dull and discreet.

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