Bathrooms may be functional, but the suites within them should also always add a touch of luxury. It’s a room people spend a lot of time in, after all! However, when disability is brought into the equation, a bathroom can lose its appeal and become a frustrating obstacle course.

Luckily, help is at hand. Companies all over the world now produce bathroom equipment and adaptations that are not only easy to use, but also beautiful to look at.Walkinbath

Walk-in baths  
Walk-in baths look and feel the same as regular baths, but they have a water-tight door attached for easy access. As with any other kind of bath, they come in varying sizes and with different features depending on the one you choose. Compact walk-in baths to fit in small bathrooms are available, as are baths which come with a shower function attached.

Many walk-in baths come with extra assistance features, such as bath safety seats, powered seat assists, and/or temperature controlled taps. You may require a special opening or locking mechanism for the door, and these features are easily put in place. If you need advice what’s right for you, our advisers would be happy to help and will provide you with the information required to make the correct decision.

Walk-in baths can be designed to fit in with your bathroom’s overall look – if you want a specific colour or style for your bath which matches the rest of the room, this should be easy to find. You don’t have to compromise on any aspect! You can even choose to have a bath with a special television attached, which enables you to enjoy a long soak, all you have to do it sit back and relax.

Wet roomsBathroomequipment
Wet rooms are a wonderful mobility solution – not only are they designed for ease of use, they can even add value to your home! Rooms that feature both a wet room and a main bathroom with a bath can be very highly sought after.

To create a safe and functional wet room you’ll almost certainly need to hire a professional, as they’ll be able to place the draining system correctly, waterproof the room, and arrange any equipment so nothing ends up in the path of water (the last thing you want is soggy toilet paper). Optional extras, like underfloor heating to dry out the room quicker after use, are also something worth considering.

With a wet room, you can be as understated or as bold as you like with the design – the mobility aspects of the room don’t need to get in the way of the aesthetic.

Before you buy
All good accessibility retailers should allow you to test out bathroom equipment before you buy it, and it’s highly recommended that you do this. Once you’ve chosen which models and designs are the best for you, you can consider creating a bathroom which is safe, easy – but also luxurious.

At Oakham Mobility, we’ve recently installed a dedicated bathroom adaptations department to our showroom. If you’re looking to improve access to your bathroom and don’t want to compromise on luxury, come in store and look at what we have available. Alternatively call and speak to one of our advisers today on 01572 755204.

Welcome to Oakham Mobility. We’re delighted to see you!

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