With more and more mobility accessories becoming available every day for those with a disability, it’s time to highlight the best ones on the market and promote their use. The purchase of one of these items could greatly improve your day-to-day life.

Toilet frametoilet-frame

You should never have to dread going to the toilet. If you struggle in any way, a toilet frame can help considerably. We have a wide variety of toilet frames available, and most can be adjusted to the height and width which works best for you. Most are also suitable for use in a wet room.

Stocking aids

Most people take putting their socks on in the morning for granted, but for those with limited mobility it can be a difficult and painful process. Multiple kinds of stocking aids, designed for sliding the sock easily onto the foot without having to bend down and/or use the fingers, can be purchased online or in store at Oakham Mobility & Healthcare in Rutland.

Riser cushions

If you have trouble rising from a sitting or lying position, a riser cushion could be just the thing you’re looking for. They gently raise you up from a sofa, bed etc. by lifting to a tilt until you find it easier to stand.

They work either manually (requiring you to operate it) or with electric power from a battery or mains electricity. Before you purchase one, we advise that you come in store to test them out to see which one works best for you – consider both the comfort level of the cushion itself, and how easy it is for you to operate.

These cushions usually come with easy-to-wash covers and an emergency stop button. They should only be used on a chair which has armrests.

Shopping trolley with seat

A shopping trolley can be one of the most useful mobility aids for the elderly, and now they come combined with a fold-down seat. Shoppers who have trouble walking, or carrying heavy items, no longer have to worry – their purchases can be pushed or pulled along in the trolley, and the discreet seat can be folded down and used whenever needed. These trolleys come in a variety of styles and colours, ensuring that there’s something for everybody and that you don’t have to compromise in terms of fashion.

Pill cutterpill-cutter

Pills very often require cutting up into smaller halves, but for people with little motor function this can be an unnecessarily time-consuming task. It can also be problematic (or even dangerous if small children are in the house) if pieces of tablet end up on the floor.

Luckily, pill cutters exist and are usually very inexpensive. If you have trouble cutting pills it is well worth picking one up next time you head to the pharmacy. Make sure you wash it thoroughly after use to avoid contamination.

Mobility accessories in the UK – including those we’ve mentioned can be found in store or online. If you need any help with mobility aids around the home call us on 01572 755204 for a free consultation.

Making just a few adjustments and investing in some simple mobility aids can make a huge difference, and they don’t have to be expensive.